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The Best Free WordPress Themes 2020-2021

Best Wordpress Themes 2020

We have compiled the best wordpress themes of 2020 & 2021 for you on this topic.-min

WordPress, which is the CMS most used by content producers today, is actively ready on millions of sites. One of the biggest problems of site administrators in this area is the selection of themes. The best theme determines the bones of the site. The themes affect the site speeds and the recycling on the visitor, so the most important site is the stage of installation. You should not rush to choose a theme in this area. Many themes are officially announced every day. There are free themes as well as paid themes. So what are the best free WordPress themes 2020?


This theme, which has emerged in recent years and found in the official theme library of WordPress, is seen as the number one among the most popular free WordPress themes. The main reason is fast and solution-oriented. A blog is a theme that writers can actively use, as well as thought on corporate sites. OcenWP, which is used for many purposes in this area, is among the most downloaded themes globally. It is still not too late for those who have not tried this theme in 2020. It is one of the themes that must be tried and it continues to be among the best performance-oriented themes with its speed.


Although it was developed in 2017, it is known as an active theme even today. Available on many news and blog sites, ColorMag is among the best and most useful WordPress themes. One of the reasons for being among the best themes is the ease of use. ColorMag, which is among the easy-to-use and free WordPress themes in this area, has taken its place among the themes that should be tried.


If you have a corporate site structure, this theme is for you. Sydney is a theme that deals with institutionalism, but with the theme that bloggers can actively use. The best WordPress themes, among which 2020 and actively used, Sydney site has become one of the popular themes in this field with its speed increase.


The Hestia theme family, which has many sub-types, has taken its place among the most popular WordPress themes today. This theme family, which deals with institutionalism in general, has also made room for corporate blogs. You can be a good friend with Hestia, which you can actively encounter on corporate sites with many alternative homepage templates.


You should try the Neve theme, which has been actively published on many sites. With fast infrastructure, customizable templates are quite a lot. The number of people who use this theme, which is among the free WordPress themes and which is institutionalized, is also quite a lot. The best WordPress themes are general themes based on speed and quality.

You can recognize many new themes with this content, which we have prepared the best WordPress themes to search 2020. If you are looking for a fast and quality theme if you have a speed problem on your site and are looking for the best WordPress themes, this list is for you

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