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The Best Steam Games Under $5

The Best Steam Games 2020-2021

The Best Steam Games Under $5

Finding legendary games from time to time can be challenging on Steam, which is one of the most popular game libraries today. Especially with this subject, we will list the legendary games under $ 5 for you. You can explore these games, which are less than $5 but impressive in many areas from strategy to sports games. These games, which are actively played by many people due to their affordable prices, are the precursors of new games in the future. Many people are researching for steam games under $5. When he finds the most suitable game for him, the game addiction increases in this area. Here are the steam games under $5 on the most recently prepared list!

1Tomb Raider

We have great news for action lovers. Tomb Raider is one of the most legendary games that we encounter with only 5 dollars. With its legendary and fascinating story, it is possible to enjoy the game with Tomb Raider, which has millions of players today. You can enjoy a great action – the story with this game which is very ideal with its price.

2Borderlands 2

A game that interests investors. Here are the leading legend games developed in the Borderlands 2 area for exactly 5 dollars. Borderlands 2, which actively involves many strategies, occasionally appears in discounts. It is actively ranked among the best games under $5. Do not forget that there are hundreds of thousands of players in this area. This game, which even celebrities encounter on many platforms, reveals your investor personalities. It has many features with advanced activities.


Sullgirls ranks first among the best fighting games under $ 5. Skullgirls managed to attract many players to its game with a price of 3 dollars. You can play with your friends in the immersive game that includes fighting and strategy. This is one of the most important features in this field. Skullgirls, which you can encounter with different players but the strategy is also important, took its place at number 3 on our list of best under $ 5 steam games.


If you master the siege games, you will enjoy playing this game. It is one of the best cheap games with a price of $ 4.80. The game, which also includes the strategy, is a siege-based simulation game. It is a game that has actively increased its popularity from time to time with its many episodes.

5Portal 2

Those who want to play Portal 2, which is among the cheapest games and costs only 2 dollars, should experience this game. As the name suggests, you are transitioning from portals to portals in the game where portals are the main part of the game. You can enjoy the game to the fullest while skipping episodes.

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