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WebCOP Web Based PHP Firewall

Free PHP Web Based Firewall

WebCOP Web Based PHP Firewall

1What is WebCOP Firewall?

WebCOP Firewall is advanced and PHP based web application firewall.

2Features of software:


  • Logging flood attacks & auto blocking the attack and banning IP of attacker,
  • Logging hacking attempts & auto blocking the attack and banning IP of attacker,
  • Mirror-zone protection,
  • Custom IP banning system,
  • Webshell scanner,
  • Website homepage defender (if your website hacked, the firewall takes backups, auto cleans the defaced pages, then turns off website as “we are under construction” and sends notification to owner by e-mail.)
  • Security Robot feature: if you run the Security Robot, the robot does security requirements automatically for you,
  • URL redirecting,
  • Maintenance mode with custom templates that you will design,
  • Checking the email of owner is hacked and leaked on the dark net. Also, this firewall is PHP based and dont ask for root privilege! Eligible for all PHP websites…

3How to Install?

  • Upload files to an empty folder.
  • Open that folder in your browser, you will be redirected to installation page.
  • Follow the instructions and finish the installation.
  • After installation is finished, you can learn your admin panel path from your server control panel and access your admin panel.
  • When you logged in admin panel, you can activate the features you need.
  • After you activated the features, you should integrate the firewall to your software to work correctly. To do this, add the wcp_ayar.php in your WCP folder to configuration file of your software. Example code:
    you can add this code after <?php tag. For example, add to wp-config.php for WordPress.
  • Installation and integration is finished. If you see “old version” error in your admin panel, dont forget to the software is updated and you should reinstall this from freeboot.in

The firewall must to check your website always, so you should create a cron job. This cron job must to work as per minute. Every minute, the homepage security file will work and this file will work for 60 seconds. So, this file will work for 7/24. Is is not forcing CPU.

php -q /site-path/wcp-path/lib/index-security.php

* * * * * php -q /site-path/wcp-path/lib/index-security.php

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